Hey babe,

If you’ve been considering a boudoir session, but haven’t visited my studio yet, I’m sure there’s a long list of reasons why. You’re too busy, you want to lose a few pounds, you can’t justify the investment. But what if you stopped thinking about all the reasons why you can’t book a shoot and focus instead on the reasons why you should say YES. Yes to rediscovering the sexy woman inside of you. Yes to celebrating the power of your femininity. Yes to loving yourself! So forget everything holding you back and check out 10 reasons why you deserve a boudoir shoot!

1.) Putting you first

When is the last time you made yourself a priority? Every day we are putting others needs before our own. I want you to pause for a moment and think, when did I do something for myself? If you have to think longer than a minute, you are way overdue babe! It is time that you fill your cup back up and start some self-care. A boudoir session is the PERFECT way to get you feeling good about yourself again and refreshed. We pamper you the moment you walk through our doors. Professional hair and make-up CHECK, greeted with a mimosa CHECK, wardrobe assistance CHECK, posing demonstration CHECK, laughing the whole time CHECK, luxury albums and products CHECK!

2.) It's the perfect gift!

Are you looking for a gift for your spouse or even yourself? You have just found the perfect gift! Whether you want to gift your luxury products for an anniversary, a birthday, a Christmas gift, etc.. I am sure your partner will be more than pleased! Maybe you want to make an album out of your photos, don't worry we got you covered. How about a metal wall art of yourself to hang up? We have that too! The possibilities are endless!

3.) Enhances Relationships

When you love yourself, you are able to love others deeper. Feeling confident after a boudoir session may strengthen your confidence with your significant other, inside and outside the bedroom.

4.) Celebrating a milestone in your life

Maybe it’s your birthday, or you’ve been promoted into a job that you have wanted your whole life. Maybe you finally got your degree, or you are sending your last kid off to college. Whatever the milestone might be, a boudoir session is the perfect way to celebrate it. You deserve a day of pampering to acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished, and a session with me, especially one that starts with full glam, will be the perfect way to honor yourself!

5.) Embracing your body

What better way to embrace the way your body looks and all it has endured, than a boudoir experience that will showcase it in its best light. During our session I will pose you head to toe, use expert lighting techniques, and display your body in ways that will have you doing double takes. It’s time to celebrate every part of you, even the parts you might want to hide, because your body does it ALL for you and deserves to be celebrated.

6.) You have won your battle against cancer

I have encountered so many lovely women who have won their battle against cancer and are ready to celebrate their victory! These women hold an extra special place in my heart, and I am so honored to help you love yourself again.

7.) Embarking on a new beginning

New beginnings are so exciting and can be scary at the same time! Not to worry, we are here to guide you through your new journey. Are you a new mom looking to embrace your new chapter in life? How about finally leaving that relationship that was holding you back? What about finally getting that degree that you busted your ass to get? Whatever your new chapter is in life, it deserves to be celebrated. Keep taking the leap babe, you are doing great.

8.) Because you want to

A boudoir session can be done whenever the heck you want! You do not need a specific reason to have sexy pictures taken. Do it for you! Hang that metal art of yourself in your bedroom so you can look at yourself every day and be reminded of the badass that you are. You deserve to be celebrated and pampered. My sessions are a safe space for you to come in and exhale all that negative energy and for you to feel refreshed!

9.) Helps you be more vulnerable

It takes so much courage to do a boudoir session. Let's face it, everyone is nervous before their session. It is completely normal. You are letting your guard down IN FRONT OF A CAMERA, IN FRONT OF A STRANGER. Who wouldn't feel nervous? However, moving forward and doing the session is letting you embrace your body and will make you feel so proud and powerful. By looking and feeling beautiful during your boudoir session, you will leave with a more respect and confidence for yourself. Once you see your photos, you will ask yourself, " Why did I wait so long to do this?"

10.) For an excuse to buy new lingerie

Let's be honest, how many times have you added lingerie to your shopping cart but didn't pull the trigger on buying it? Guess what? A boudoir session is the PERFECT reason to pull that trigger. Maybe you still have new lingerie with tags sitting in your dresser drawer collecting dust, guess what... TIME TO PULL THAT BABY OUT! Don't worry, if you do not have lingerie, we have a client closet ranging in sizes XS-4XL! We got you covered babe!

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