We know you have questions, girl. Let us help you answer them. Here are the top 10 FAQ's

  1. What is boudoir?

Bare Bones Photography defines boudoir as intimate artistry and a self-love experience. We want you to fall in love with yourself in a new way. We are going to show you the beauty in you that has always been there; but I will take your hand and support you the entire way as I walk you right outside your comfort zone.

2 Will you help me with posing?

100% YES! Put your trust in me. I have photographed over 300 everyday women in my career as a boudoir photographer. Every woman you see on my website is an everyday gal, just like you. All you need to do is follow me lead and mimic my movements and be able to take instructions. I will coach and pose your body AND your facial expressions.

3 Do you offer hair and makeup?

Heck Yeah! No boudoir session can be complete without it. You will have your hair and makeup done here in our studio as part of your experience with us. I vet and interview the top makeup artist in the Tampa bay area to ensure our clients look their very best on camera. Want a classic, more natural look? We can do that. Want the Kim K snatched jaw? We can do that too.

4 What should I wear?

Once you officially become a client you get access to our client portal which will have our client prep guide in it. I've broken down what all of the styles are and how they relate to your body type and level of comfort. I also include a list of our favorite stores to shop. You will also have access to our ever-growing client closet that has sizes extra small - 4xl in it.

5 Do I need to lose weight?

Absolutely not! I love celebrating with my clients when they achieve their goals, and if weight loss is one of them, it will never be met with backhanded compliments or invalidating your desire to be the healthiest version of you. However, you do not need to lose a single pound to celebrate yourself as a beautiful woman. We are often conditioned to believe that our worth is tied to our physical beauty. At Bare Bones Photography we flip it and reverse it. Our physical beauty radiates from our inner beauty. Don't rob yourself or self-empowerment over a couple of jean sizes.

6 When should I book my session?

We are usually on a wait list for 2-3 months out; especially during the holiday season starting in August and wrapping up in March. It is best to get in touch with us 4 months prior to your desired product delivery time frame. Turn around for printed products is 2-4 weeks, so make sure you plan ahead. Or stay on our email list to try and grab a last-minute opening!

7 What is the image reveal?

After your session we will schedule you for an in person or online image reveal with me about 7 days after your session. Whether you are purchasing an album, wall art, or another display piece, we love the process of making the artwork come to life in tangible products for you to cherish for a lifetime. I will be your personal hype woman and concierge to help you choose your absolute favorite images of yourself.

8 Can I bring a friend?

While we understand that you are nervous and would like someone there for support, we do not allow extra guest due to this being a one-on -one experience.

9 Will you post my images on social media?

This decision is entirely up to you. We have many clients who chose to remain private and will waive the social media release. Some clients opt for an "anonymous" release where we can share only the images that don't show your face. Whether the decision to stay private because of a personal or professional standpoint, we hold client privacy of the highest importance and support any decision you make that you feel is right for you.

10 Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We understand that for some of clients, working with us is an investment they need to carefully consider. While some of our clients swipe a credit card with ease, others need more time to arrange their finances. Our incentive program, the Pre-Session Payment Plan, was designed with the woman in mind who would benefit from booking up to 8 months out to take advantage of making smaller payments on a desired collection. When their session date finally arrives, they will have their collection paid in full an can enjoy the day.